About Us

Acessory Center Inc / Van Windows Direct

Van Windows Direct began as a subsidiary of Accessory Center Inc (Established in 1973) and began in 2015.    The company provided aftermarket accessories for Cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans.    VanWindowDirect.com was launched to provide a better consumer and upfitter experience for the complex and growing Van Window market.    In 2019 the company shut down the accessory end of the business, concentrating on Van Windows and launching our product line.

Van Windows Direct branded line launched in the fall of 2019 with a vision of creating products based on customer feedback and needs.

Our customer-focused objective goes into everything we do.    For example, our Half-Slider windows feature improved paddle latches over competitor offerings for better durability and security, screens made with aluminum mesh rather than fabric for increased durability, and screen track gaskets for tight and quiet operation.  

Awning windows that provide.    More viewable glass than other opening styles.    Three latch security piston-assisted openings.    There is a second locking position for little ventilation while keeping the window locked and secure.    VWD created the Awning Window based on customer feedback of lack of viewable glass for opening windows, lack of security, or ability to open a window even slightly when the van was unoccupied—appreciation for a T-Vent for adverse weather yet disappointment in the windows ventilation properties.  

VWD Branded products will look to add more value to existing and future developments.  For example, including templates on the VWD Bunk Windows will reduce installation time and interior subframe shrouds to aid in interior wall design and professional finish.  These products provide value to professionals and non-professionals alike, making installation easier and quicker and giving a sharp interior appearance.

New window designs will come with an interior screen and shade integration.  They allow a DIY'r or Professional to avoid sourcing or making a pleated shade, blinds, or curtains, saving time and money and ensuring a quality look to the interior of the van build.

As the most trusted brand in Aftermarket Van Windows, Van Windows Direct believes complacency is for competitors.  We are not here to go along with the status quo.  Instead, we are here to raise the standard and create a new vision for others to follow.