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VWD Passenger Side Half-Slider Van Bunk Window

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VWD Passenger Side Half-Slider Van Bunk Window

Part # BUNK3612P

Mfg: VanWindowsDirect

The VWD Van Bunk Window is a excellent option for any Camper Van. Our VWD Bunk Windows have an aluminum framing that surrounds durable dark smoked acrylic. Acrylic is great for Camping Vans and RVS as they are more durable and less likely to shatter if a shrubs, branches or road debris hit it. The window also is very lightweight so can be installed anywhere. This window will provide amble ventilation to the rear cargo area of your van with this easy to install flat half sliding window that features a removable screen and measures in at 36" long and 12" tall. 

Bunk Window Outer Frame Dimensions: 36-3/8" x 12-3/4"
Bunk Window Cut-Out Dimensions: 35-1/8" x 11-1/2"
Bunk Window Clamp Ring Size: 1"


With a 1" Clamp ring size that means the thickness of the wall will need to be 1" a simple 1" x 1" wood frame will handle that and have you ready for an interior. If no interior will be made you can simply urethane the window on the wall and no need for interior clam ring.


Whats needed to Install?

Trim Ring Installation : 

1" Spacer (1" x 1" Wood, 1" plastic/metal tube, 1" Dense Foam Insulator)

Urethane Installation: 

VWD Urethane Installation Kit 

Window Securing Tape


How will I install this window?

To install the VWD Bunk windows you will need to create a template. To make a template use the aluminum framing on the backside of the window (the aluminum frame that goes through the wall). 

 You will then trace you template onto the cardboard box sharpie, black marker ,etc.. you do not want to have to thick of a marker as you want to try and be as precise as possible. 

After you have draw out the pattern on the cardboard it is time to cut the pattern from the cardboard. 

Cutting out Van Windows - Van Window Installation Steps  Removing van window template



Once you template is created clean up any little rough edges and we are ready to place on your van. You will want to measure out for placement to insure you have your template where you want it to be. To hold template in place you can put screws through cardboard to hold, have a partner hold or use tape. In our photo we used tape. Be sure to tape the template in place on the straight areas so those are easy to draw in your line later.


Van Window Template Installation Process

Draw your template onto the wall of the van. 


Draw template for van window installation


Once you have drawn your pattern onto the wall of the van and are happy with the placement your ready to cut. Reciprocating saw, skill saw, disc, nibbler,shears, etc... 

Once your hole is done dry fit the window to make sure window fits into hole no adjustments or extra trimming are needed. If your good you can add clear coat or paint to the cut edge its not necessary just a precaution. 


For Urethane Install Skip to Bottom

With Clamp Ring Installation you will need to create a wall spacer 1" x 1" Wood does the trick. 

Van Wall Spacer for Van Bunk Windows

The Wood Frame will surround the hole on the inside you can glue or silicone wood to inner wall to hold in place. You can make a full framing as shown or just 4 independent piece just as long as there is adequate spacer to allow window to be clamped down tight all the way around. 

 Now time to install the window. Before putting the window on the van its best to go through make a small pilot hole in all the locations around the trim ring that way you do not round the heads of the screws when tightening the window. 

Put Window in place from outside of Van allowing the aluminum mounting frame to extend through hole in wall. You'll notice our VWD bunk windows have plastic spacers on the frame this are not required they do help solo installation by holding window in place while you switch to the interior portion of the installation. They can be removed if there is interference or if there is a 2nd person holding window in place.

Place clamp ring from inside . With one person holding window(or the spacers) in place on the outside the other can start to screw from the inside generally start by getting all screws started, ten go back around and tighten once all screws are in place, alternate top, bottom, left , right evenly around for proper seal. 


Urethane Installation:

Once your hole is cut you will want to dry fit window to make sure everything is tight , window is straight. While your window is in place tape all around the frame of the window onto the outer body of van. This will be a preventative step as when you remove you window you can apply the urethane's primer to the body and the tape will protect from going beyond the frame. Unlike larger windows urethane will be placed on window not wall. 

You will now put a small even bead of urethane to the back side of the aluminum frame on the window you will notice it has a lip to help keep the urethane from oozing out on you. 

Now that you have tape in place and urethane on the window put you window back in place being as straight and precise as possible not to make a mess with the urethane. Once in place lightly tape down with open hand to make good adhesion. 

Once your window is in place tape with Van Window Securing Tape or masking tape if you have that at home and leave taped in place for 24hrs. 

No wood spacer is needed for urethrane install and if you build out walls in the van as long as the depth is 1" you can used the trim ring as a beauty ring to hide the walls cut edge other wise it is not necessary either.


 Lead Time: VWD Bunk Windows will generally ship in 1-3 Days , shipping time is 1-5 days. Windows will ship via UPS,Fedex , or Freight Truck. 

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