CRL AP1735B6H Universal Pop-up Sunroof 17" x 35"

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CRL AP1735B6H Auto Port Series Universal Pop-up Sunroof 17" x 35"

Part # AP1735B6H

MFG: CR Laurence (CRL)

MFG Country: USA

Warranty: 30 Days



  • Three Position Latch
  • Glass is Removed Quickly for that Open Air Feeling
  • 92% U.V. Protection with Solar High Performance Glass


    Frame Size: 18-3/16" (462 mm) x 36-3/16" (919 mm)
    Glass Size: 15-5/8" (397 mm) x 33-5/8" (854 mm)
    Cut Out Size: 17-1/8" (435 mm) x 35-1/8" (892 mm)


    CRL Universal Sunroofs have been designed with a 1" tall inner framing, so when building an interior headliner you may need to frame this out for a quality finished look as most Van headliner depths are over 2". Manufactured in the USA with 92% UV protected Solar performance glass and black powder-coated framing. The sunroof comes complete with all necessary installation accessories. Weather tight seal, inner trim ring and screws as well as a paper template.


    Whats needed to Install?

     No additional Products Required

    How will I install this sunroof?

    Detailed installation Instructions are included with Sunroofs. Here is a basic over-view of what it takes to install. 

    Using the provided template you can trace a pattern onto the roof of your van. Things to keep in mind when choosing a location for the installation. Cross Bars, if there is an interior with headliner possible wiring etc..

    Once you have your location nailed down and your patterns is drawn out double check the pattern size make sure its the inner portion of the trim ring and only the extruded aluminum thick frame can  go through holes can always be trimmed larger if needed not so easy to make them smaller. 

    Once your hole is cut drop your sunroof through the hole in your roof use the trim ring on the inside screw onto the main frame of the sunroof, much like a tire you will tighten a little at a time front,rear , left, right ensuring an even seal. 


    If your Van had roof ridges that does not mean that you can-not put a sunroof you will want to use putty tape though to fill in the ridges  to insure a water-tight seal. 

     Lead Time: Sunroofs will generally ship in 1-3 Days , shipping time is 1-5 days. Sunroofs will ship via UPS or Fedex.


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