CRL POWR 300 Series Automotive Urethane Pinchweld Primer PP3MP

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CRL POWR 300 Series Automotive Urethane Pinchweld Primer PP3MP

Part # PP3MP

Mfg:  CR Laurence (CRL)


  • Primerless to Auto Glass Frit
  • Apply to Repainted Pinchwelds
  • Enhances Bond


CRL POWR 300 Series Urethane Pinchweld Primer is formulated for enhancing the bonding of urethane to bare metal or paint. Use to touch up any scratches, repaired rust areas or repainted pinchwelds. Not to be applied on top of old urethane.


Prior to beginning make sure you have the correct glass and moldings, as required, and all the tools and supplies
you will need for the vehicle being serviced. Make sure the urethane system being used is current.
Inspect the area where the service work will be conducted and make sure it is free from obstacles that would create
safety concerns, is well lit and that the ambient temperature is in keeping with the limits of the urethane system
being used.
Inspect the car; closely inspect the area of the vehicle you will be working on for existing damage. Using the CRL
Inspection Checklist (Appendix “A”) make a note of pre-existing damage. If the customer is there, show the damage
to the customer and note the location. Do not engage in automotive glass replacement when any related condition
would compromise the retention system and notify the owner/operator.
After installation of the replacement glass do a post inspection; using the CRL Inspection Checklist (Appendix “A”)
make note that the service work and paperwork is complete and correct. Clean the vehicle and the work area and
inspect the area for any new damage to the vehicle or glass.
Cover the front seats, floorboards, dashboard and steering wheel with a clean drop cloth or disposable plastic
covers. Cover the hood, roof, and fender with a protective material to protect against possible damage to the
vehicle. Tape up any vulnerable areas on the vehicle to protect against possible damage from power tools and
cold knifes during the cutout process.
Always wear personal protection equipment:
• Wear proper eye protection
• Wear powder free Nitrile, chemical-resistant gloves
• Additional safety equipment as required by your employer or safety regulations
Make sure all electrical equipment is properly grounded and in proper working condition to protect you from electrical
Quality Conformance
All POWR Primerless products are produced under strict, documented quality assurance standards that are
registered to ISO/TS-16949. Furthermore, performance characteristics of all POWR Primerless urethane adhesives
meet or exceed criteria established by Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) and Federal Motor