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VWD Acrylic Bubble PortHole Van Window

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VWD Dual-Pane Acrylic Bubble Port Hole Window 12.5" 

The VWD Acrylic Bubble Van Window mergers old school styling with modern day technology. The Window features a 3 dimensional bubble look, utilizing ultra durable dual pane acrylic offering that vintage bubble out effect with a smoked acrylic that less susceptible to breakage then the glass portholes and provides better heat and cold resistance with its dual pane. 

Bubble Porthole Window Outer Frame Dimensions: 12.5"
Bubble Porthole Window Cut-Out Dimensions: 11.5"
Bubble Porthole Window Wall depth up to 1"

This window can be installed with urethane adhesive and features a slightly lipped outer edge to hide the weather stripping (be it foam seal or urethane). This porthole can also be installed in a varying of wall depths up to 1" a framing is required and you will screw the porthole in through the inner trim out into your surrounding framing.  

Van Bubble Porthole Window




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